So, I followed the advice of some friends and what I’ve seen on some YouTube videos last night, I simply covered my hair with my satin bonnet. I did not re-twist (well, I did redo a few that were pretty frizzy – I rubbed a little ORS Lock & Twist Gel down the strand and re-twisted).

Woke up this morning and I’m having a hard time getting my hair to look as good as it did yesterday. The coils are still there but trying to stretch them out is causing my hair to frizz up. 😦 So I’m wondering if I’m going to have to re-twist my hair every night if I plan on wearing it this way. Hhhmmm….

Also, the strands that I gelled and re-twisted turned out ok…although they want to fall flat now instead of standing up like I had them before.

Gotta figure this out. So back to the drawing board I go…