My hair update


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It’s been three weeks since I BCed and to be perfectly honest…I AM BORED TO DEATH WITH MY HAIR!!! There is not much to be done to a TWA. I was excited about the sponge coils for a brief moment. However, that’s old news now.

On a positive note, my hair is easy to keep moisturized, there are no more scraggly ends, and it appears to be healthy and growing.

But still…it’s so boring!!!



My hair today


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I’ve seen a few vlogs on YouTube about defining curls and creating coils using the sponge or brush method. I’ve tried coiling my hair using this technique a few times and could not get it to work. I decided to try it again today, but tweaked it to work for my hair. I chose to use the sponge method because I didn’t want to risk damaging my hair again by using a brush.

Most vloggers that have used the sponge technique used a regular sponge and cut holes in it. I also saw where some used a product called Nudred, which is used to twist hair and/or start dred locs. One of the vloggers, Fuesha, tried a sea foam sponge and it worked great on her hair, so I  decided to buy one and see how it would work for me.


Sea foam sponge – $1.97 at Wal-Mart

This is my hair today and I’m loving it!



Here’s how I got this look. First, I saturated my hair with my water, aloe vera juice, and JBCO mixture in my spray bottle. I then applied my leave-in and sealed. After that, I used EcoStyler gel so the coils would set. Lastly, I sprayed my hair again. I wanted it to be really wet so it would be easier to form the coils. I think this was the step that was missing when I tried this before and prevented the curls from forming because it worked this time. This also kept my hair from being hard and crunchy once it dried.

To create the coils, I started on the side and used the sponge to gently rub my hair in a circular motion, moving around my head. It’s important to make sure to continue the circular motion in the same direction. It didn’t take much time for the coils to form. The longer you rub, the more defined and tighter the twists or coils will be. My hair tends to curl naturally and I didn’t want them really tight, so I only had to go over my head a few times. Once I was done I misted my hair with Shea Moisture Hold and Shine Mist to give it some shine.

I’m definitely glad that I tried this. It’s so much quicker and easier than doing individual finger coils.

My wash day


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So, today was wash day and it was much different than it was before. I no longer have to subject myself to a day of confinement because of the hours it would take to finish this task. Deep conditioning time is shorter; There’s no need for twists to dry and set. One would think that I’d be ecstatic. I’m not!

I loved pampering my hair on wash day! I miss it! Yes, it’s great to be able to be done with washing my hair in less than an hour and still be able to get out into the world if I want to. But uhhh…that’s a whole other post there…

But…it was wash day! A typical one at that. I pre-pooed last night with coconut oil. This morning I gave myself a hot oil treatment using a mixture of JBCO, sesame, peppermint, tea tree, and jojoba oils. I then shampooed with my rosemary and nettle shampoo bar. I must say I have yet to put a dent in this poo bar. I have two others so I think I’m pretty much set with shampoo for awhile. After shampooing, I then deep conditioned using Bee Mine BEE-U-Ti-FUL Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. Instead of my normal rinse of ACV and water, I used ACV and aloe vera gel. I finished with a honey and olive oil treatment for shine.

I used EEHH for my leave in and sealed with grapeseed oil and used a little EcoStyler gel to set my curls. I used JBCO around my edges.


My observations using Jamacian Black Castor Oil (JBCO)



I’m not one of those people who just accept that something works because it’s the new trend, or must have product boasting miraculous claims. I don’t jump on the bandwagon and absolutely love this new item because everyone else loves it. No…I’m a skeptic…a glass half empty type of person. I don’t accept someone else’s words that something works. I have to have personal experience. It must be proven to me.

I’ve always been this way. I’ve always needed the whys and hows of any process. This really annoyed my teachers when I was in school. As they say, some things never change. So when it comes to hair and skincare products that promise to be miracle workers that will fix all of the issues that the other products couldn’t even begin to fix, yes, my radar goes off and I get a bit skeptical.

So imagine my mindset when I read about this little, inconspicuous oil here:


Many bloggers and vloggers rave about JBCO. I’ve read many of their blogs and seen many of their vlogs that taut its praises. I’ve been using this oil for well over a year now in my hot oil treatments, as well as adding it to my deep conditioners sometimes, and often in my spray bottle. I’ve even participated in a few challenges where I was supposed to use castor oil on my hair so many times a week for so many months, usually three. However, I was never consistent enough with any of this to notice any changes. The big deal about this oil is that it is supposed to make hair grow. To say that I was a bit skeptical is putting it mildly. I have always believed that our bodily functions and processes will happen in their own time and on their own accord; I wonder why should I pad someone’s pocketbook when their product will do nothing out of the ordinary to correct problems A, B, C, or D.

Well, I must say this…the proof is in the pudding (that’s cliche, I know!) But it’s true. For the past month, I’ve been using JBCO on my eyebrows and eyelashes. I’m in awe of how much thicker they are. My brows and lashes have always been fairly thin. I’d started to use liner to darken my brows a bit. I’ve always used mascara on my lashes. I can see a remarkable difference. I can see hair sprouting and filling in areas of my eyebrows where hair has long since stopped sprouting. My brows are much darker and my lashes are longer.

I’ve added some photos, and hopefully you can see the difference. I wish I would’ve taken actual before photos. But, you can see the normal shape of my brows, as well as where the new hair is growing. I am not wearing any eye makeup in these photos. Please overlook my oily face, I was in the process of cleaning it.








My noticings today


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I’m noticing that the hair growing from my roots is a different texture than the length of my hair was before I cut it. It is really, really soft and much straighter. It seems the staple products that I was using do not work quite the same for my new growth.  It’s good that I’d recently purchased new products to try out. Hopefully some, or at least one, of them will work out. I am definitely back at the drawing board! Everyday, I get more and more excited about learning this new head of hair.

My experience with Bentonite Clay


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I started this post before I did my most recent big chop. I’ve been lazy and didn’t feel like waiting for the pics to download. I finally got around to doing it tonight, so that’s why this post is late. Last Friday when I washed my hair, I decided to use bentonite clay instead of my new love – my shampoo bar. I’ve been researching and reading about the benefits of bentonite clay for hair and thought I’d give it a try. I made a trip to Whole Foods about two weeks ago and picked some up while I was there. (I won’t get into everything else that I acquired on this trip!) *side eye*

Benefits of bentonite clay for hair:

  • Good for cleaning, clarifying, moisturizing, and conditioning hair
  • Has been reported to facilitate hair growth and prevent hair loss
  • Works well on all hair types – natural, relaxed, damaged, dry, etc.
  • Relieves itchy scalp and treats dandruff
  • Improves the texture and thickness of natural hair
  • Contains calcium, potassium, and sodium which are all needed for healthy hair

The directions for using the clay are pretty simple. Basically you add ACV and/or water to the powder until it’s the consistency of paste. However, I added some oils to my mix to give it a bit more umph, as my hair is in need of extra nourishment. My mixture consisted of:

  • 3 tablespoons of clay powder
  • ACV
  • coconut milk
  • aloe vera gel
  • grapeseed oil.

I can’t say exactly how much I used. I just added until I had the consistency that I wanted.




Once the mixture was smooth, I applied it to my hair from root to tip, using a downward motion. I’d pre-pooed my hair the night before. Before applying the clay, I wet it but I didn’t rinse the oil out. From my research, I found that some oil in the hair makes it easier to apply the clay. This seemed to be true because the application went seamlessly and was not messy as I expected.


20140726_115410 20140726_115419

I left the clay on my hair for about an hour or so. I really don’t recall how long because I got caught up in the TV. If it wasn’t for my face tightening up so much as the clay dried, I probably would’ve left it on longer. But from what I understand, it doesn’t need to stay on too long to do it’s job.

After rinsing, which was not difficult at all to do, my hair felt very clean, but not stripped. My curls were defined, my hair had a nice sheen, and was soft to the touch.

20140726_140656 20140726_145531

I had some leftover, so I applied it to my face since it’s great for skin as well.


This is what was left after hair application

Bentonite clay applied to my face

Bentonite clay applied to my face

I was actually smiling in this pic!

After the clay dried…I was actually smiling in this pic!

There was still a bit left so, I even gave my son a clay facial (although he wasn’t happy about it at all)! I just couldn’t let it go to waste…

Overall, I was pleased with the results of using bentonite clay. I will keep using this as a regular part of my regimen. Being that it continues to agree with my hair, I’m thinking I will use it to clarify my hair, rather than the clarifying shampoo.

My hair today…


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Weeeelllll!!!! IT IS DONE!



Wow!!! This was the hardest one of all! I didn’t have a problem cutting all of my hair off the first two times I did it. I think mainly because I was relaxed, I didn’t do much work to get the length that I had, and I was comfortable. Comfortable…I think that’s a keyword…

However this time, I had worked HARD for the length and every bit of progress I’d made. I had put my blood, sweat, and tears into my hair for over a year!

Making that first cut took me awhile to do! But now that it’s done…BIG SIGH!!! I feel so relieved! No more stressing over my damaged hair…I’m starting from scratch!

I’m a bit anxious because although I’ve BCed before, I put a texturizer in it afterwards so I could technically treat it like relaxed hair. Then I had kinky twists installed until it grew out. This time it’s ALL NATURAL!!!

I can’t stop touching and looking at it. It looks so different from what I’d gotten used to over the past months. I’ve gotta learn my hair all over again. OK…I think I’m going into a state of shock as I continue to type. Wow!


Well, I guess all I can say now is… MY NEW JOURNEY BEGINS!!! YIKES! :)

My decision about my hair…


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I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to proceed with my hair. I won’t go into the whole issue with my hair because if you follow my blog, you already know the story. But, I have to keep cutting more and more of my hair each day because of the unhealthy ends. It’s gotten to the point that I’m having a hard time hiding the short hair at my crown. That’s another thing…I’m tired of trying to hide it! That’s too much work.

So that being said, I’ve decided to big chop AGAIN…I was stressing out over the idea of BCing again at first. I’m trying to grow my hair and starting over again would be prolonging the amount of time that would take. However, I’ve realized, this will give me a chance to really get to know my hair better and grow it healthy from the start, now that I know how to care for my hair. I didn’t know how to do that when I BCed before.

This is my hair currently


Stretched hair


Stretched hair


Stretched hair

The next post I make about my hair, it will be all gone!

My award nomination: The Lovely Blog Award


I’m flattered that my blog has been nominated once again for an award. Thanks to Islandkynks, I’ve been nominated for the Lovely Blog Award. <3 I hope you enjoy getting to know a bit more about the girl behind the blog. :)

- Thank and link person(s) who nominated you.
- List rules and display the award.
- Share 7 facts about yourself.
- Nominate 15 Bloggers & comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

1. I am a mom to three wonderful boys, each born in three different decades!

2. I am a 3rd grade teacher.

3. I love to read, write, and research – which is why this blog is a big outlet for me. I was that girl in school that got paid to write everyone’s research papers! LOL

4. If I was to choose another career, I would be a forensic scientist, a screenwriter, or a copy editor. I am also that girl that looks for errors in other people’s writing! Well, I won’t say look for…I just tend to find them… :-/

5. I watch crime investigation shows ALL DAY long! My TV rarely is on anything else.

6. I am a fitness junkie! I love to workout…including weightlifting.

7. I’m a simple girl, and I’m not the adventurous type, but I LOVE fast cars and bikes. On the other hand, I am terrified of roller coasters!

My nominees are:



Forever Me, Naturally

My Ethereal Seas

Divinely Rooted




I can’t wait to learn more about you, Ladies!!! :)


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